Sode mutt followers face raging storm

9:44 AM, Thursday, January 5th, 2012
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Sode mutt followers Udupi: Is the Madhwacharya – created Ashta Math system in temple town of Udupi, falling apart? As the Paryaya Peetha Changeover draws nearer and the incoming Paryaya throne ascender of Sode Mutt has made an entry into Udupi with all pomp and fanfare, there is a fresh controversy raging like fire in Puttige Math, where Sugunendra Tirtha Swamy, who h as been abroad in Western countries more than once in recent years, sulks in disregard, heaped on him by the Young (23) swami of the Sode Mutt who did not invite him to the main ceremony, nor to an honoured place among the other 6 monks during Pura-pravesha (entering the town) religious ceremonies.

The official invitation to Paryaya Festival issued by the Sode Swami, has omitted the name of Sugunendra, to the latter’s Consternation.

This is the second time that dirty linen is washed by Udupi monks in public.

In 2008, Puttige Math head, Sugunendra, went abroad against Madhwa tradition of old times, for preaching Dharma to his Hindu disciples there. Pejawar Swami intervened and restored Puttige Swami’s Paryaya authority then, and allowed Pujas by him from a distance to Lord Krishna.

Now in 2012, the non-inclusion of Puttige in the Paryaya Festival invitation itself, has invited a storm upon Sode Mutt followers, and the incoming Paryaya chief, from Local people in Udupi.

Harikrishna Punarooru, a hotelier and former president of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, as also a great devotee of the 8 maths of Udupi as a donor and in many other religious ways, has supported Sugunendra Thirtha of Puttige Math, in the dispute of Paryaya Festival invitation excluding Puttige, and has demanded to include Sugunendra in the Festival, as his exclusion had hurt the sentiments of several devotees.

He urged the Sode Math seer in a release on Tuesday(January 3) that Puttige seer should be invited to the Paryaya Durbar, and that whatever differences there are among 8 seers of Madhwacharya Math, should be resolved peacefully and immediately, without dishonouring the Puttige Math, should be resolved peacefully and immediately, without dishonouring the Puttige Math chief, Sugunendra Tirtha Swamiji.


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  1. Shreesha acharya, Cedarfallscamp

    My opinion are as follows:
    1.Founders wish must be fulfilled- Supreme Court of India
    2.Seven Pitadipathies are of one view and only one pitadipathy is having a different view. System of democracy dictates that a simple majority is enough to solve the problem.
    3.The grouse is not of propagating religion abroad. The question is whether the Udipi astamatha sanyasin who has gone abroad can perform the Sree Krishna Moola vigraha Pooja.
    4.By tradition only Astamatha sanyasis can perform the Pooja of Moola Sri Krishna Vigraha.
    5.Even during his paryaya, HH Sugunendra Teertha Swamiji did not have the courage to touch the Mukyaprana idol in Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt, which was buried in the ruins of Ayodhya and brought and installed in Udupi by HH Late Vadiraja( AD 1480-1620)
    6.Late HH Vibudesh Teertha Swamiji too went to USA, but on his return never touched the Udipi Moolavigrha and did pooja. Instead he encourage his junior Swamiji to conduct Paryaya and do poojas.
    7.The junior Pejawar Swamiji, who visited aborad left the peetha after his visit abroad.
    8.What are long term consequences of breaking the sampradaya? This is specially so in the present day when all sects are claiming to have the right to ascend the peethas. (They may not go the extent Great Rishi Vishwamitra did)
    9.As per the Udupi sampradaya it is only the persons of origin of particular clans- the 32 famililies who had migrated to Udupi from Ahichatra ( in the Rae Bariiely district- modern Gurgaon- Gurus Gaon or village- Legendary Drona Kingdom in the Dwapara Yuga) during the third century Kadamba King Mayurvarma can become the Astamatha Peetadipathis. ( See Grama Paddathi authetic volume about history of Taulavas). The clans to which the present Astamatha Swamijis belonged in the poorvashrama are i) Palimar- Irvathraya, ii) Krishanpur- Kekunnaya, iii) Shiroor- Muchintaya, iv) Kaniyoor- Yedapadithaya, v) Sode (Muchinataya –immediate past Sri Vishothama teertha), vi) Puthige- Kunjitaya, vii) Admar –Muchinataya and viii) Pejawar ( Senior Swamiji- Paddilaya)

    My own clan Totanthillaya, (though a Totanthillaya was the poorvashram guru of HH Sri Madwacharya and Sri Vasduvea Bhatta , son of his guru, a classmate of Sri Madwacharya in the gurukula at the present Dandteertha and assisted Sri Madwacharya in building the Sri Krishna Mutt,) is not eligible for the Udipi astamatha peetarohana!
    10. It is unfortunate that Prof C K Pralhad of the Global Management Guru from Michigan is no more with us. He had put , only a few years ago couple of doctoral student for doing Ph D in management on the topic of excellent management practices followed in the Udipi Mutts since the days of HH Sri Madwacharya and refined by the Great HH Sode Sri Vadiraja Swamiji


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