It is new Puthige Vs. Pejawar with Sode Monk in hot seat of enjoyment

8:51 PM, Monday, January 16th, 2012
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Sugunedra and PejavaraUdupi: In Udupi Ashta Math Paryaya(Changeover)Durbar festival, it is inner politics that is more interesting than Sode Mutt monk succeeding Shirur Math seer Laxmivara as the next Pontiff for 2 years. Why?

No Sooner than Puthige Mutt Swami Sugunendra hurt by both Sode Monk and Pegawar Seer in their disregard for him, and undertook a fast at 9AM on Monday(today) for a day, the elderly seer(81) of Pejawar announced his own fast to say that he (Pejawar) was hurt by Puthige’s decision. The short fast and counterfast look like Hazare’s fast and Ramdev’s fast at Ramleela Maidan to earn publicity doing little else to root out black money piles and corruption practices in India.

Pejawar seer Vishwesha buoyed by his Nandikur fasting much like Hazare bowled over by his Jantar Mantar fast of 3 days, has decided to have a counter fast starting from Monday night(January 16) to Wednesday afternoon(January 18) which is the day of Paryaya ascension to Sarvajan  Peeth by the young Sode monk. Dr. VS Acharya, a senior minister in charge of Udupi had warned on Sunday one and all not to meddle in internal affairs of the Ashta Math Swamijis. But Pejawar blamed Puthige for the debacle of his own efforts to get Puthige invited to Paryaya Durbar event. He said Puthige charges made against Pejawar were baseless, as he had certain limits to his efforts made. Pejawar was helpless in doing justice to Puthige seer.


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