Fr. Muller`s observes Anti-Leprosy Day

12:35 PM, Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
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 Fr. Mullers Anti-Leprosy Day  Mangalore: Diseases like leprosy and malaria are on the decline, through they are deadly at times. An anti-leprosy day function was held in Father Muller’s hospital hall at Kankanady on Jan 30, Monday, when Dr. Ramesh Bhat welcomed the gathering.

Dr. Sukumar spoke about clinical leprosy. Dr.M.V. Bhat was introduced by Dr. Nancy Lobo, before he was honoured by FMCI director Fr. Patrick Rodrigues.

Dr.M.V Bhat speaking on the occasion, so candidly admitted that he hated leprosy patients as a medical student. When he was posted to a leprosy hospital in Kollegal, he was asked to attend only on the first and last days!

He heard an old lady telling in Gulbarga in 1977, to people that she came to wipe away their tear. Who was she? – It was Mother St. Theresa ! Dr. Bhat told the stunned audience.

He dedicated himself to leprosy thereafter. When leprosy is eradicated fully, he said he would return to father Muller’s again. Fr. Rodrigues informed that he had 150 patients at start but now he had only 8 of them, one is still there for 40 years.


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