Nationalised banks to work only for 5 days in a week

1:40 PM, Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
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State-bank-of-IndiaMumbai: The Nationalised banks are so tired and indolent that they may be given 2 holidays a week, without reducing salaries. This change in working schedules may come force from the beginning of a new economic year, as on 01-04-2012, according to reliable source.

The state Bank of India and its companions will first have the privilege to work less, and relax more.

The proposal for new holidays has been sent by Indian Banks Association through Reserve Bank of India, to the Central Government for approval, it is said here.

The Union Govt has the final say in the matter, but it is more or less certain approve the change in working days. The RBI publish the timings of its “cash transaction hours” later on for public convenience.

Several officers under the Union Govt. are already observing a five day week in the country. The state Govts, have a second Saturday as a holiday. IBA had proposed much earlier to the RBI to sanction a 5-day week without a response. This time it may succeed in securing positive results.


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42 Responses to Nationalised banks to work only for 5 days in a week

  1. Thomas, Coimbatore

    The, what about other scheduled banks and private sector banks..


  2. Bhupendra, jhalawar

    is it applicable for RRB(regional rural bank) or gramin bank??


  3. sandeep, hyd

    only PSBs or private banks also


  4. Priyotosh, Kolkata

    But then Why the privilege is going only to SBI employees?this is just not fair..


    kkalash Reply:

    hpe v r nt fooled.. april fool tho nahin banre na hum.. kyunki til 2day no such news r circulars hve been heard abt.. 20days more.. v wud hve cme 2 knwn lil early only..


  5. tripurari,

    it is impossible


    k murthy Reply:

    It is possible.


  6. Vinay, jaipur

    % days banking was only a rumor. There is not any authentic news about this. I am working in the office of IBA. This proposal was sent to RBI long back but RBI was unresponsive and fresh proposal has been sent.


    prabha Reply:

    hi.. we have recently received a msg using some act number that it will be effective from june 1st… is it true … if so .. will it be applicable to only govt bank or including private sector… pls clarify i dont think other than u can clarify clearly….


    kiran Reply:

    If this is rumor it is realy hearting….
    Becase every v officer work in bank from 9.30 am to 8.00pm. I totaly lose my persanal life


  7. devender, panchkula-haryana

    Bankers urgently need 5 day banking, especially staff of private banks, for immediately stopping adverse toll of undue work load/pressure on the health of young new joinees, before it gets too late. If Govt/RBI fails to respond to this urgent requirement of bank staff then it shall make Saturday – a Full Day Working, because in a so-called half-day Sats, everyone has to complete full-day equivalent volume/load in banks on Saturdays in half day. Bankers have lost charm of saturday being half day. Bank staff urgently need 2 days rejuvenation rest every week.
    Further also with so much technological support, public is habitual of using netbanking, which also support introduction of 5-days banking in Indian system.
    Yes, if because of Saturdays there comes a long spell of continuous holidays i.e. more than 3, then RBI/Govt shall have the discretion to cancel such holiday of Saturday and declare it full-day working for convenience of the public but only on some specific instances.
    Single instance of four continuous holidays (If Satuday holiday introduced) in the first week of the financial year from 5th Apr.’12 to 8th Apr’12 shall not stop Govt/RBI on deciding introduction 5 day week in banking system in larger interest of the society. Hope to hear positive response.


  8. Subodh Kumar, Mumbai

    I heard RBI has approved 5days banking as per central govy. act no 15656 w.e.f 1st June 2012. Is it true?


  9. sushil kumar sethy, bhubaneswar

    the proposal is due from 2007,we need some hard action to initiate the things.otherwise we will saturdays also we leave bank at 7.00 its useless to say its half day.from my bank every month 10 -12 probationary officers give resignation due to the work pressure.thats why there are less strength and more will be in great manpower loss in future,as the risk is high compared to comfort.


  10. Rajendra sharma, mahoba

    policy of job and work are same of all bankers. Employees of rrb are suffering from hevy wrk pressure almost all branches not having sufficent staff most of rrb branches are running with two or three staff only. So many branches are running with single men.there are heavy load and steress. So five days week must be in rrb.






    Ravendra Reply:

    U r the only one that seems to work 24X7X365 here IDIOT. We are not talking about anyone in person. There are millions of ppl working directly or indirectly with the Bank or Financial Institutions. They all want a regulated working hours and regulated no of days in a week.

    If u r not satisfied with ur 15hrs a day, start working 24hrs a day but do not expect from others.

    If u dont have anything else in ur life that does not mean that everyone else is like you.

    And please avoid using “U ALL ARE FOOLS” type words on public forum.

    Hope u dont mind and if u do mind, go to ur office and work for 24hrs today and forever.


    govind Reply:



    pramod chaudhary Reply:

    “Hardly Working” type fellow


    Anshul Reply:

    MY you are not hard worker you a in-efficeint worker who cannot complete your work in time….by sitting late you are wasting resources of the country…i think you should be pennalised for wasting electricity…extra 3-4 hrs bill should be deducted from your salary


    pramod chaudhary Reply:

    Hard Worker nahin “Hardly Worker”


    Jimmy Reply:

    I, think you are the BIGGEST fool in the universe, who thinks that working for 15 hrs a day is so called HARD WORK, Boss I, strongly feel and beleive that it;s not number of hours that make you GR8, it’s HOW PRODUCTIVE you are to the organization that matters the most, Get yourself checked by a good doctor, you need consultation the most and most important is your BOSS ANOTHER BIGGEST FOOL, WHO TOLERATES YOUR IDIOTIC THINKING & allows you to sit for so long and NOT question you on OUTPUT


    VIJAY Reply:

    I m beyond doubt agree with mr.Ravendra’s reply to addition to that i must say that u r certainly not a human being.also u don’t belong to this planet.i think u should reside in ur bank and must not see the sun.u must not have family members.poor guy!!
    neverthless i m sympathetic 2 u.ur organisation must provide u a mental asulum in ur branch.
    hope get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  13. navin kuamr, haryana

    5 days banking is must for bankers, our union leaders dont looking in this matter, because they think that this effect 10th settelement pay revision, but this is a another matter, we should take some hard steps with union leaders in coming time unless this a dream only 5 days banking understand ;


  14. surat chander, jalandhar

    The general insurance companies has enjoyed the five day week since
    long and RBI has also enjoyed the same. But the public has adjusted
    himself.On other side the petrol , electricity ,stationary has to save
    and utilised in other aera. The 5 days week in nationalsied bank has
    also solved the terrific problem in the country
    RBI has to accept and declare the 5 days week from 1st June,2012


  15. ANUJ, Ratlam

    In todays senerio Banking is not easy like few yrs back. Bankers are working in high pressure under the bosses and the customers. They have no personal life for their frnds n fmly. Even they are not able to get their all CL’s and PL’s leave due to lack of staff and high pressure. If RbI allows for 05 days banking then Bankers also live their own life and enjoyning their work with high effiency.

    Requested to approve 05days banking in all Schedule commercial banks.


  16. Mantesh Tawadare, Mahabubnagar

    How do you know that,
    RBI has to accept and declare the 5 days week from 1st June,2012?
    these are false promisess……


  17. Ayan Ganguly, Kolkata

    It is not about getting a day off, but more about getting 52 days of administrative overhead out of the way. Today with the advent of alternate delivery channels,the importance of branchless banking is comming to the fore. A concept where a customer does’nt have to stand in queues for withdrawl or perform a financial transaction at the morning hour rush.
    More & more customers in the near future will take to ADCs. This is where the public sector banks will have to cash in by marketing there ADCs aggresively to reduce branch dependency. Their foriegn counterparts have already shown the way. Now it is for the psbs to usher in a new era of bank management.


  18. pavani,


    iam working since 5 yrs in one nationalised bank.from 5 yrs onwards iam
    going home late by 8 pm due to work pressure.i have a small kid -10 months old
    but iam not able to lookafter my daughter as a mother,and i kept my daughter in my native place .and i have no time to see my daughter .this is my critical position . pl implement 5 days working in banks,as satday -is looking as a full working day


  19. Sivadas K R, Kerala


    Its weird to say the so called work over load is just for a few employees of the bank. The majority of the employees reports to the bank after 10 am and leaves the premise before 4 pm. I cannot see where they work for 8 hours at least. Besides the bonus of taking a whole days salary on Saturday working only till 1 pm maximum.

    The effective working hours of the bank cut the lunch break is 5 hours maximum, and the package they take home as salary is huge and ridiculous.

    I Must say that this plunder of banks must be stopped and necessary management changes has to be made to effectively utilize the idle employees rather than giving a holiday which do not improve anything at all. give or take they should also work on Saturday. Banking is so important to the economy, in fact it is the backbone.


  20. sharad wankhade, akola

    what about district central cioprative bank


  21. sanjeev gupta,

    Not possible.
    Neither Govt Nor Union want to ease Bank Employees.

    No facility can be given to bank employees.

    See the News.

    Mumbai: The Nationalised banks are so tired and indolent that they may be given 2 holidays a week, without reducing salaries

    State Govt. Central Govt. have 5 days week where is the question of “reducing salaries”



  22. Chughwani Haresh, PimpriPune

    Haven’t heard any such news on television or in print media. Such a big news should have been circulated to the public long time back to enable them to adjust to this system, but this has not yet been done. So can’t say whether such an idea will be implemented w.e.f. 1st June 2012. Until then, let us wait and watch.


  23. N. Kishore, Nashik

    My personal opinion is need to start 5 days week in Banking Industries . If We see the changesin last five years in Banking Industries we can understand that peoples are automatically conversant with new changes like ATM card, Shopping with cards, RTGS – NEFT instead of DD-Chq’s , Net Banking, Funds transfer on ATM etc. If customers are easily doing their transactions through alternate channels then why we should work on Saturday.
    There are lot of pressure and work load at Public / Private sector banks for doing regular work and most important CROSS SELL so every staff needs two days off to relax their mind and body to work for next five days with full energy . Two days off will give the time to these peoples to enjoy their social life.


  24. Jitendra, Roorkee

    Why we all are not fight for our right. We now or power but still we request only why why and why. we know if our leader fight 100% for 5 days banking it os approve in one week only


  25. sachin, BUDAUN



  26. Ajay Kumar, Ahmedabad

    Wow seems like the enormously powerful print media got its latest target and no wonder why this magnanimous minded people are targeting nationalised banks.They only print whatever they think and just add the f***** line
    How much easy is for this people who have done nothing in their life,to get in to media job and to target anybody by just blaming any rubbish and adding that superb line.Today on 26/05/2013 there is no such provision,on the contrary banks keep their staff on toe especially during the times when this fools are gathering public attentions through publishing BUDGET special during the whole month of march.In fact they dont even know that it is the nationalised bank staff only who even after taking a mere increment of 17% that too after 5 years,who get only 13 public holidays a year and still they work till 12.00 pm in night especially during times of March ending just for the sake of convenience of the ppl.Have u ever wondered that u move in a atm and withdraw cash but who is accountable to keep it up to date for 24 hrs a day for 365 days.Blaming anybody is easy these days for dealing with frustration rather than changing oneself.


  27. sanjay, hanumangarh

    RBI the boss of every bank works 5 days, all other will have to work for 6 days, its totally unfair. we all request to government of India through RBI to declare 5 day week for bankers to serve the customers with more energy and efficiency, because social life happiness creates more energy to work place. hope it will done soon/


  28. Surender Rao Dulloor, Hyderabad

    I have heard that Banks will work 5 days a week, but so far it is not in practice.


  29. zubair, anantnag

    I am an sbi employees and suffering from heavy work load ,it will be great if management announces 5 day working


  30. Ajay sharma, Chandigarh

    Hello all,

    I urge everyone to kindly write to RBI in this regard and make it applicable for the entire banking sector nevertheless if of PSU or public. When the guidelines are laid by them and standard for everyone then there shouldn’t be any biasness is this regard. It is fair demand to make and even if they have made it alternate Saturday’s off, should be applicable for the everyone. Need to control private sector banks in a big way and develop a good working culture in them too.

    Thanks and regards,


  31. TARUN, Delhi

    Can anyone reply me on the below mention query

    I had Placed an request for International Usage of debit Card On Friday Evening via online Banking service.
    And As per new Notice every 4th Saturday is Bank Holiday

    So i would like to know whether my request will be taken into consideration and debit card will active on 4th Saturday or Not


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