UPSC order upset by CAT replacing Shanker Bidari, by AR Infant

2:32 PM, Saturday, March 17th, 2012
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Bangalore: The Central Administrative Tribunal(CAT) on Friday cancelled a state Government order appointing Shankar M. Bidari as DGP-IGP of the state, and installed Abdul Rehman Infant as pro tem IGP on his seniority.

IGP-Shanker-BidariBidari promised to fight out his case in High Court soon, by appeal. Bidari’s documents relating to his stint in Anti-Veerappan Team activities had not been submitted to UPSC While considering him for DGP post, the CAT informed in an order, upsetting Government appointment of Bidari.

The bench(CAT) of Justice, Dr. B.K. Suresh and Judge(Ms Leena Mehendale issued the order supporting A.R. Infant, at present-DGP in Fire and Emergency Services, who had questioned Bidari as IGP above him, in Bangalore CA. Tribunal.

Bidari became DGP-IGP in November 30,2011. Infant will now be DGP-IGP temporarily, until Union Public Service Commission issues its further orders.


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