Most useful Health Tips for Summer Season

1:01 PM, Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
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summer glasses 1. Drink plenty of water. It will be as good as you drink the high amount of water. Your body needs water to prevent dehydration during hot days of summer. Take special care to make sure infants and kids to drink enough water. They can become dehydrated much more easily than adults.

2. If you have asthma or other respiratory problems, keep a careful watch on the daily air quality reports. And also, don’t forget to take your inhaler or other prescribed medication with you when you go out.

3. Take necessary. Don’t force yourself beyond your physical limits.

4. Wear Sunscreen lotions. Sunburn is painful and unhealthy. Use a sunscreen that is right for your skin and which contains SPF.

5.Stay Cool. Wear light, loose-fitting clothes to help you stay cooler.

6. Wear Sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s Ultra Violet rays.
summer health7. Maintain your energy levels by limiting your intake of fat and sugar, focus on carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and go for coolers and cool juices.
8. Before leaving for vacation pack few items such as calamine lotion, baking soda because that will help with itchy or painful insect bites.

9.If you have allergies and plan to be traveling/vacationing, find out which plants will be pollinating in your vacation spot

10. If you are feeling ill, go to a doctor.

11. You have to skip or reduce alcohol consumption in the summer.

12.Stay away from indoor GYM, enjoy the summer. Do some outdoor activities. Participate in outdoor sports. Gardening is yet another exercise which helps you to reduce stress.

13.Wear eye gears to protect your eyes from UV rays and during summer eyes are very prone to infections.

14.You sweat more during summer. So be clean always.


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