Medical education minister visits Wenlock Hospital

4:33 PM, Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
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SA Ramdas Wenlock HospitalMangalore : Medical education minister S A Ramdas pays a surprise visit to Wenlock Hospital on May 22, Tuesday.

Mr. Ramdas came to the hospital around 10.30 a.m. and went to various wards and went to the chamber of the District Medical Officer P. Saroja to check the attendance register.

After seeing the attendance register he noticed that out of 110 doctors, 68 are on duty and 11 are not on duty but have signed a register.

He also said that the doctors from KMC Hospitals are not coming to Wenlock Hospital for their duty after signing the MoU. Further he would bring the matter to the notice of Chief Minister and discuss with him to appoint the government doctors. He also assured to sanction fund in this Budget for the development of the hospital.

Mr. Ramdas asked reason with Dr. Saroja for not checking the complaints filed by the patients from past four months. He also called OPD and found that many units did not have doctors.

Speaking on one of the complaint filed by the media person, that a patient was admitted to Wenlock, but he was discharged without giving treatment later he had a dengue attack and took treatment at KMC Hospital and paid the bill of Rs 18,000. Replying to this minister said that action will be taken on this complaint and see that patient gets his amount back from hospital or Government directly.

Deputy Speaker N Yogesh Bhat was also present on the occasion.


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