Bishop releases transfer list of priests

12:26 PM, Sunday, May 27th, 2012
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Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza  Mangalore :  Mangalore Bishop Rev. Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza  released a list of transfers of the  clergy for the year 2012. The list was released on May 26, Saturday.

As per the transfer list, Fr Valerian D’Souza will be the new Parish Priest of Milagres church. Fr Felix Monteiro, Fr Archibald Albuquerque, Fr Michael D’Souza, Fr Vincent D’Souza will be the  parish priests of Badyar, Nacre, Kollangana and Sullia churches respectively. Fr Jayaprakash D’Souza has been appointed Principal of Sandesha College . These are some of the transfers and appointments affected by the Bishop.

 No       Name                      To                            Date                 Designation

1 Fr. Joseph J. Lobo          Engineering College        19.05.2012         Director
2 Fr. Valerian D’souza         Milagres, M’lore            31.05.2012          Parish Priest
3 Fr. Walter D’Mello           Studies                       01.06.2012           Studies
4 Fr. Felix Monteiro            Badyar                        02.06.2012          Parish Priest
5 Fr. Archibald Albuq          Nakre                          03.06.2012          Parish Priest
6 Fr. Michael D’Silva           Kollangana                   04.06.2012           Parish Priest
7 Fr. Vincent D’Souza         Sullia                          05.06.2012           Parish Priest
8 Fr. Valerian Lewis            Manjeshwar                 06.06.2012           Parish Priest
9 Fr. Harold Mascarenhas    Gulbarga                      07.06.2012 
10 Fr. Michael Mascarenhas Karady                        07.06.2012           Parish Priest
11 Fr. Peter Aranha            Belloor                        08.06.2012           Parish Priest
12 Fr. Ivan D’Mello             Nellikar                        09.06.2012           Parish Priest
13 Fr. Antony Lasrado         Narampady                  10.06.2012           Parish Priest
14 Fr. Sunil D’Silva              Pethri                         17.06.2012           Parish Priest
15 Fr. Victor D’Souza          Kayyar                        18.06.2012            Parish Priest
16 Fr. Anil Alfred D’Souza     Studies                       19.06.2012           Studies
17 Fr. Leo Lobo                  Bajpe                         10.06.2012            Parish Priest
18 Fr. Mathias pereira         Mogarnad                    11.06.2012            Parish Priest
19 Fr. Walter Pinto             Fr. Muller                     25.05.2012 
20 Fr.Jayaprakash D’Souza  Sandesha College           29.05.2012           Principal
21 Fr.Victor  Vijay Lobo       Sandesha                     29.05.2012           Director
22 Fr. Valerian Mendonca     Barkur                         30.05.2012           Parish Priest
23 Fr. Alban D’Souza           Kalmady                       31.05.2012           Parish Priest
24 Fr. Oswald Lasrado         Loreto                         03.06.2012           Parish Priest
25 Fr. Cyprian Pinto            Udyavar                       04.06.2012          Parish Priest
26 Fr. Charles Noronha        Palimar                         05.06.2012          Parish Priest
27 Fr. Valerian Rodrigues     Permude                       06.06.2012           Parish Priest
28 Fr. Ronald Cutinha          Kateel                          08.06.2012           Parish Priest
29 Fr. Robert Crasta           Fermai                          09.06.2012          Parish Priest
30 Fr. Gerald Pinto             Palimar                         10.06.2012           Socius
31 Fr. Santaremend Lopez   Kelmbet                        01.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
32 Fr. Praveen A. Martis      Kundapur                     26.05.2012            I/c Principal
33 Fr. Elias D’Souza Studies                                   03.06.2012            Studies
34 Fr. Alban D’Souza           Nirkan                         10.06.2012            Parish Priest
35 Fr. Jesudas D’Costa        Permannur                    09.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
36 Fr. Ajith Menezes SJEC                                     03.06.2012     Asst Director
37 Fr. Melwyn Noronha        Belthangady                 05.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
38 Fr. Anil Joel D’Souza       Udupi                           05.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
39 Fr. Roshan Crasta          Vamanjoor                    05.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
40 Fr. Anil D’Mello               Bantwal                       04.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest

41 Fr. Vinod Lobo               Kinnigoly                      08.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
42 Fr. Rohith D’Costa SJEC                                    03.06.2012     Asst Director
43 Fr. Ronald Pinto             Madanthyar                  05.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
44 Fr. Ivan D’Souza Studies                                   03.06.2012     Studies
45 Fr. John Baptist Moras    Bendur                         05.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
46 Fr. Paul Prakash D’Souza Kallianpur Milagres          04.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
47 Fr. Roshan D’Souza        Cordel                          06.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
48 Fr. Sunil Geroge D’Souza Milagres, M’lore              06.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
49 Fr. Stanty Fernandes     Gulbarga                       05.06.2012 
50 Fr. Rupesh Madtha        Cordel                           03.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
51 Fr. Paul Crasta             Bendur                          02.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
52 Fr. Melwyn John D’Souza Cathedral                     02.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
53 Fr. Praveen R D’Souza   Valencia                        02.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
54 Fr. Edwin Monis            Derebail                        02.06.2012     Asst. Parish Priest
55 Fr. Patrick Sequeira       Bondel                         02.06.2012      Asst. Parish Priest

56 Fr. Wilsom D’Souza        Belman                        06.06.2012      Asst. Parish Priest




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