NCW member displeased with State Women’s Commission report on homestay attack

12:35 PM, Saturday, August 18th, 2012
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NCW member Mangalore : Shamina Shafiq, Member of the National Commission of Women (NCW)  has said that she has spoken to all people concerned including the victims of the Morning Mist Homestay.

Speaking to reporters before leaving the city, Shamina said she was satisfied with the inquiry. At the same time  she strongly refuted the argument of the State Women’s Commission that the partying youngsters at the home stay had consumed drugs.

Shamina also said the youth were only celebrating a birthday party and added they were not involved in any immoral activity. She further questioned how the state women’s commission can make such an allegation when she had not even spoken to the victims.

The National Commission for Women member  further said she even spoke to the residents in the vicinity of the home stay and added they have that said they have never seen anything objectionable in the home stay.

She also  brushed aside a memorandum submitted by a group of women, who said they were residents of Padil. Shamina said they were actually not residents of Padil and did not know about their door numbers when asked.

She also requested the TV channels not to  air video clippings of the home stay attack during any such report. The team that conducted the inquiry included Shamina Shafiq, former MP B Ibrahim, social activists Harini and Ratnaprabha.



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