Cargo vessel on way to Lakshadweep capsizes off Mangalore coast ; all 6 crew rescued

11:22 AM, Friday, February 8th, 2013
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Al MasoorMangalore : ‘Al Masoor’ a cargo vessel which had left old Mangalore port to Lakshadweep on February 6, Wednesday morning with construction materials and food items, sank off the coast about 50 nautical miles off the coast the same night. However, all the six stranded crew on board the vessel were rescued by another vessel from Lakshadweep which arrived hours later after they sent distress call.

Water began to enter the engine of the vessel mid seas when  the sea turned rough. The crew decided to return back to Mangalore, but could not and informed a vessel at Lakshadweep which arrived early in the morning and brought them back to Mangalore shores on Thursday morning. Until help arrived the stranded crew managed to remain in the capsized vessel by pouring water that collected in the engine back into the sea.

The vessel has been completely damaged and the loss has been estimated at Rs 30 lakh.


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