SC ST meet urges cops to prevent distribution of liquor to woo voters in Dalit colonies

11:54 AM, Monday, February 25th, 2013
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Dalit leaderMangalore : The SC ST Grievance Redressal Meet was held at the Mangalore Police Commissioner’s office in the city on February 24, Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Anand SP, a Dalit leader, drew the attention of the senior police officials towards the fact that  the police had failed to act against Shaju, a constable of the Pandeshwar police station who was facing the charges of assaulting a Dali man named Sadashiva.

 Anand alleged that the complaint filed at the  Pandeshwar police station, has been of no use until now. He also alleged that the cop was drunk when he attacked Sadashiva that too over a trivial reason.

Mangalore Police Commissioner Manish Kharbikar who presided over the meeting said the investigation into the case was underway.

A demand was also made to take action against some politicians who distribute liquor in Dalit colonies in order to  woo Dalits and make them vote for their parties.

The police officials were urged to book such politicians under SC ST Atrocities Prevention Act.



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