‘Experience America’ inaugurated to strengthen US-India relation

3:11 PM, Friday, March 1st, 2013
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Experience AmericaMangalore : Judy Reinke, minister counselor for commercial affairs inaugurated the ‘Experience America’, a unique programme organized by the US consulate general, Chennai at St Aloysius College on Mar 1, Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Judy Reinke said that the organization had planned to hold the programme in Mangalore due to the strong US-India relationship. The best way to connect two democratic countries is through educational institutions, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Experience AmericaThe purpose of the programme is share American information on culture, business, travel, study and other necessary matters. This kind of two way exchange programme between India and US through students, professors, researchers, entrepreneurs and scientists has benefitted both countries and will be a model for other countries in the world.

Public affairs officer David Gainer said that “Experience America” is a program held outside of Chennai in order to showcase the U.S. Consulate’s educational and cultural resources, including the services of the American Library, the U.S.-India Educational Foundation (USIEF), and the U.S. Commercial Service. It is also done to promote mutual understanding between the people of two countries.

Experience AmericaSpeaking about ‘The American Library’, consulate general also has an electronic resource for library, where large number of books on politics, history, economy, international relations and others that helps students of both countries.

The two-day programme will organize feature speech and quiz contests, music and debate competitions, seminars on higher education, visas, tourism, business investment opportunities in US. Apart from it, American food outlets will also be set-up, he added.

Dr H S Ballal, pro-chancellor of Manipal University, Shanna Surendra, cultural affairs officer, and Dr Rose Veera, co-ordinator were present on the dais.



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