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DMK keeps pressure up, says Lanka govt like Hitler’s regime

DMK keeps pressure up, says Lanka govt like Hitler's regime New Delhi: The DMK, which is the ruling Congress’ biggest ally in the UPA, continued to pressure the government today, demanding in Parliament that India take a “clear-cut decision” and vote against Sri Lanka when the top human rights body of the UN meets next week in Geneva.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had said yesterday that the position India will take will depend on the wording of the resolution that the United States plans to introduce. The resolution will focus on alleged war crimes by Sri Lankan defence forces as they defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels after a lengthy civil war.

In the Lok Sabha today, senior DMK leader TR Baalu said, “The government of India should come upright what it is thinking about exactly… There should be a resolution…to see that proper accountability is implemented by the government of Sri Lanka. The guilty should be punished before the International Court of Justice. I request, with a humanitarian approach, to see to it that solace is given to Sri Lankan Tamils. (sic)”

Last month, new photos released by UK’s Channel 4 suggested that the 12-year-old son of V Prabhakaran, the head of the Tamil Tigers, had been executed in cold blood in 2009.  The Sri Lankan government has said the photos are morphed. They will feature in a documentary that will screen in Geneva during the session of the UN Human Rights Council.

All political parties in Tamil Nadu reacted strongly to the photos. DMK chief M Karunanidhi said they confirm President Rajapaksa is a war criminal.

The DMK brought up the photographs in parliament again today, also objecting strongly to President Rajapaksa’s recent visit to India and the famous Tirupati temple in Andhra Pradesh. Mr Baalu, quoted several reports on what he called “horrible stories” or war crimes and also compared the Sri Lanka government to that of German dictator Hitler’s regime, accusing it of “culture genocide.”

India voted against Sri Lanka at last year’s session in Geneva after the DMK threatened to quit the Prime Minister’s coalition. That resolution, also sponsored by the US, asked Sri Lanka to assign accountability for massive human rights violations in 2009 in the final months of the war, and implement the findings of an internal inquiry into the war.

The Sri Lankan forces have been accused of killing thousands of minority Tamils.