Drug haul: NADA refuses to test Vijender Singh for heroin, say sources

10:43 AM, Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013
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Vijender SinghNew Delhi : A day after the Sports Ministry asked the National Anti-Doping Agency to test Olympian boxer Vijender Singh for heroin, the drug testing body has said it cannot do so. According to sources, NADA says it can only test for performance enhancing drugs and since heroin is not considered as one, it cannot take his sample out of competition.

Also, NADA is an autonomous body and does not fall under the Government of India so it does not necessarily have to follow the orders. Also, the test for heroin can only be done at a forensic lab which NADA does not have. NADA can only test for blood and urine.

The Sports Ministry swung into action on Monday and asked NADA to carry out tests on Vijender Singh for alleged drug use. The Ministry’s strong statement came hours after the Punjab Police was “advised” by the District Attorney of Fatehgarh Saheb against collecting the Olympian medallist’s blood and hair samples for testing. Vijender and fellow boxer Ram Singh are under scrutiny for alleged involvement in the Mohali drug haul case.

Issuing a statement, the Sports Ministry said, “Reports have appeared in the media regarding alleged consumption of heroin by Vijender Singh. Such reports in respect of a sporting icon are disturbing and may have a debilitating influence on other sportspersons in the country. It has, therefore, been considered necessary that NADA gets a test carried out on Vijender Singh for his reported use of heroin even out-of-competition.”

The police, however, maintains that there is no proof of the duo’s involvement in drug trafficking or possession of drugs, even though, it adds, they consumed heroin 12 times between December 2012 and February 2013.

The police had said that Vijender and Ram Singh procured the drug from alleged peddlers Anoop Singh Kahlon and Rocky for personal consumption. Fatehgarh Sahib SSP Hardyal Singh Mann said, “We have documentary evidence that he knew they were drugs but we’re not sure about his involvement. We have asked for their consent to take samples which has to be done by the law. But he rejected.”

The case dates back to March 3 when police seized drugs from a flat in Mohali. The police had seized about 28 kgs of heroin, 61 kg of Pseudophedrine and over Rs 1 crore drug money. About 50 kg of ice was destroyed by the family members of the dealers and the total cost of the seizures is around Rs 130 crore and would fetch Rs 484 crore in the international market.




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