Dharna for 24 hours by Dalits against MCC in DCO

7:26 PM, Monday, September 20th, 2010
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Mangalore: A 24 hour Dharna (flight for justices) by angry Dalits in view of Mangalore city Corporation’s “anti-Dalit” policies on a sunny day in the port city began after a demonstration in front of DCO today afternoon. The Dalits were backed up by CPI (M) branch of DK in city.

The protest was led by Maruthi Manpade state CPI (M) leader from Belgaum and Convenor for Dalit Rights. He charged MCC and such other several civic corporations of misusing funds year after year, earmarked as Dalit welfare funds to develop the Dalit people into strong citizens, but they have suffered indignity and oppression for hundreds of years from the upper caste groups in India, he pronounced.

It was the legal responsibility of ruling classes to uplift backward communities and Dalits, he pointed out. He asked MCC to raise the amount to help Dalits and not to misuse such increased funds.

Krishnappa Konchady, District Convenor of CSDR, Vasanth Achary, Yashvanth Maroli and Balakrishna Shetty were among those present.


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