Kashmir visit has no results, only an opening: Congress.

11:59 AM, Friday, September 24th, 2010
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ChidambarmNew Delhi: A 39-member all parties delegation led by Indian Home minister P. Chidambaram has returned to New Delhi after a 3 day sojourn in Jammu/Kashmir state to meet local people who have been angry with the Congress (UPA) leaders since 3 months and suffered 110 deaths under armed police firing on the streets of Srinagar and elsewhere.
The visit of diverse political parties (through their leaders) to the valley has been described by ruling Congress Party as a beginning to find out a suitable solution to the actual political demands of Kashmiri people kept alive by Congress these six decades.
The Indian MPs and political leaders met over a thousand Kashmiri citizens, seeking their opinions to open a new route to peaceful approach to the burning Kashmir dispute.
The delegation has not focused upon any result out of the visit, but has made a new beginning, the Congress spokesman AM Singhvi stated. All people and parties were given the opportunity to express their minds clearly he added.


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