Victory for the Indian Parliamentary democracy –Election 2013

6:06 PM, Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
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Vidhana SoudhaMangalore : The just concluded election result throws a few fundamental questions regarding parliamentary democracy, cast politics and secularism which is unique to India.  Congress party ruled India for 60 years with the platform  of Parliamentary democracy of British model. The founding fathers of our constitution had the vision of diverse India and its complex fabric of different caste religion and ethnicity. But in later years Congress party become a brokerage firm taking advantage of ethnic divide of society.  Congress men become so lethargic and corrupt that whole country become a hostage to International pressure and internal bankruptcy. That is the time when Jayaprakash Narayan who declared the total revolution and united opposition parties. The movement led to imposition of emergency in1977. The heither to divided opposition parties regrouped under one leader and the Janata Party was born. Later rightists and leftists parted company and the BJP, a Hindutva   party emerged as the sole leader of Indian opposition parties and wrested the power from the Congress nationwide. It become the first non congress  government in the centre. Vajpeyee   tried to give this party a pan –India image and ruled the country for 5 years. In the ensuing years BJP ruled several states and under Yedyurappa’s stewardship BJP came to power in Karnataka, a first time for the southern states.

It was a golden opportunity  for the Hindutva party to prove its credentials and consolidate, but alas!  as soon as they got the power they started bickering among themselves and proved to be unworthy of ruling. First 3 years were spent on mining and other untold scandals and rest with non performance and moral degradation of its ministers. Their Hindutva flank  become hallow and people realized that they are led to the garden path.

Congress party did nothing to win this election and BJP itself to blame for their inglorious defeat.  The hard work put up by BJP grassroot workers has gone in vain only because of its unworthy leaders.

It is very difficult to recover this total rout because Congress is a party of seasoned politicians  who knows trick of the trade. But one thing is sure that people are much wiser now and days of political parties  fooling people are over. The people will watch every step of ruling party legislators and judge them according to their deeds. The days are gone when political parties take general public for granted.