DK Milk federation revised the Milk & Curds prices upwards

8:51 PM, Thursday, May 30th, 2013
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Raviraj HegdeMangalore : In a administrative move to augment coin shortage, the Milk federation has restructured the prices of Homogenized cow milk from Rs. 15:50 to Rs. 16:00   per 515 ml sachet, Curds from Rs. 8:50 to Rs. 9:00 per 215 Grm  per sachet and Rs. 15:05 to Rs. 16:00 for 415 Grm sachet.

The revised prices will come in force on 1st June 2013  for the Milk and 3rd June 2013 for the curds respectively.

Raviraj Hegde Kodavoor president DK Milk Association said that Until the new sachet arrives, the milk will be supplied with old sachets with new rates written  along side.

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