India on resurgent path: Gold haul rises

4:03 PM, Monday, November 22nd, 2010

India on resurgent pathGuang – Zhou (China): India had a lean week in China with only 2 golds and in many games Indian athletes fell without a groan. The country slipped to 12th from 6th position in a set of 20 nations earning medals. But the real turnabout came on Sunday 21st with a week to spare. India recovered and made 5 gold medals and a lot many bronzes. If only the sports persons aimed higher, India would make a resurgence even beating Chinese fighters in various games. Unknown Indian stars could win gold and silver, that was the punch word in China on 21st.
Preeja Sreedharan  (gold), Ronjan Sodhi (gold), Sania Mirza (bronze) Ravinder Singh – have you known them? Even those bronze winners in archery? Sudha Singh (gold), Kavita Rawat (silver), Sunil Kumar (bronze) are new icons.
In Tennis, there may be a gold, or two silver medals could be had shooting team had several bronzes. There were 17 bronzes, if only half of them turned gold, India would be in the first 5 nations. The top 3 can never be beaten, they are far ahead of the rest 25 nations taking modals in this version of Asian Games. We can never beat China and S. Korea among sports medals. But opportunities pop up in several areas of sports, where our men and women do not strive or strain to aim at a gold. With a gold medal, each athlete has Rs.10 to 15 lakhs at home, waiting to be pocketed. He or she can never be poor thereafter and could invest the money in a business of his / her liking. On Monday, India may do even better, let us hope.

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