International Womens Day at St Agnes

5:45 PM, Thursday, March 8th, 2012
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St.Agnese-women-dayMangalore: Dr. (sister) Marie Prem D’Souza Ac, St. Agnes college principal presided  over a women’s Day special organised by Women’s cell and education cell in the form of a day-long workshop on status of women in India and Women’s issues an inspiring future on March 8 at the college meeting hall.

Ms. Kripa Alava as chief guest in inaugurated the workshop by lighting a lamp followed by a speech.

She asked students to observe women’s day every day as nothing would move if there are no women.

They stand next to God to give love and comfort to us. An women includes man and she has he in it Kripa pointed out.

She cited Anil Ambani who told his employees that every department headed by a women in his company had prospered.

Transition to podium (dais) from Kitchen (at home) was not a small step! She did not complete with men, but to work for the progress of the country she yearned.

Sister Prem stated that women were more precious than all jewellery she told students that as women they should feel great as their nature is bless. Aimar welcomed, and Sharon Rego thanked the gathering.


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