Interview with comedy artiste Aravinda Bolar

12:12 AM, Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Arvind Bola InterviewAravinda Bolar is today a known name in the Tulu theatrical and film industry. Bolar who had a great urge to be an actor since childhood, enjoyed fancy dress during his school days and even won much applause for his performances. His acting career began when he enacted some roles in Yakshagana initially.  So far he has acted in over 100 plays and seven films and has an experience spanning over three decades. Megamedia News recently caught up with the artiste.

Arvind BolarHere are excerpts from the interview.

Tell us something about your  entry to the Tulu theatrical field ?

Bolar: Initially, I got opportunity to don the grease paint in some plays at the temple  at Police Lane. Later, I got an opportunity in the Gadinadu Kalavidaru team led by Sukumar Bekal. I was part of a play  directed by   Jagan Pawar. Later, in 1993 I came into contact with Devadas Kapikad and was part of his team for several years.

You are famous as a comedian. How do you involve yourself in such roles of comedian?

Bolar: I have not played roles in too many films. But still, acting in a drama is more difficult than in a film. In a drama we need to be perfect as there is no retake as in films and we cannot mend our mistakes in a drama. Moreover, a film is shot in different angles, while in a drama  that is not the case.

Arvind Bola InterviewWhat are your other hobbies apart from acting?

Bolar: I enjoy writing stories which are adaptable to dramas and films. I am preparing a script and have made writing my hobby.

Who is the actor whom you appreciate the most?

Bolar: In Dakshina Kannada district, I have always liked the comedian roles played by Devadas Kapikad. I had the opportunity to  act with several leading names in the theatrical field. Anand Bolar, Naveen D Padil, Sunder Rai Mandara,Dharmendra Amin, Ravi Suratkal, Naveen Shetty Alake and Jagatpal are my favourite actors.

Who have motivated you as an actor?

Bolar: I am grateful to my family, my wife, children, brothers and mother for all the encouragement they have extended to me. Initially, my mother had objected when I donned roles in Yakshagana. However, as I grew up no  one objected  and theater itself has been  the bread winner of our family.

Apart from a comedian, what other roles do you like?

Bolar: People want to see me in comedian roles. At the same time I have effectively  portrayed characters of supporting actors and have even donned female roles.

Have you acted in teleserials?

Bolar: Yes, I am playing the role of Deyi Baidethi’s father in Koti Chennaya serial. It is a tragedy role.

What role are you playing in the yet to be released film Sompa?

Bolar: I am playing a comedy role. The story revolves around the hero, heroine and me. In the film, my son flees after making enough loans and it depicts my struggle to clear the loan. The film has a happy ending.

What is your message to Tulu theatre lovers?

Bolar: The co-operation and patronage of viewers is a must if Tulu play and yakshagana has to survive. Every family in Tulunad should encourage its children to watch Tulu plays. The patronage of the viewers is the blessings to an artiste. We have several professional troupes here and  Tuluvas need to encourage all the artistes.


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