Islam converted youth Returns to Hinduism after 6 years

10:17 AM, Saturday, September 30th, 2017

Hindu Kundapur: A Hindu youth from Kundapur has returned to Hinduism after a months long religious counselling. The youth, Sukhesh Poojary (24) from Katbelthru of Kundapur and son of Shivaram and Sujatha Poojary was converted to Islam and had renamed as Thayab Shiyan when he was 18 in Bengaluru.

Sukhesh spent more than 5 years as muslim and was brought to a yoga centre in Kerala by his relatives during March, 2016. After months long efforts he returned to his previous religion. According to his own statement, he was involved in propagating the ideologies of Islamic fundamentalists across the country soon after he became a Muslim following an inclination towards Islam during his college days.

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