ISRO-DAT sets given to fishermen for distress calls on high seas

7:05 PM, Monday, May 30th, 2011

DAT-INSAT transponderMangalore: Indian Coastal Guards have distributed a new scientific gadget, the Distress Alert Transponders (DAT) to Trawl Boat fishermen on Monday at their Association office in Old Port here. 30 fishermen received DAT free of cost from the chief commandant R.K Sharma of ICG.
Indian Coastal Guards have 100 sets of which 70 have been already given away. The DAT is used in rescue operations, during emergency by position location, via INSAT transponder. The set can be easily installed in boats.
The user has to send a message by switching on DAT unit, on fire, medical reasons or sinking of the vessel. The DAT combines the message with boat’s position. Deputy Director Suresh Nayak (Fisheries) and Inspector Mukund Nayak were present.

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