Ivan D’ Souza on KPCC reforms and challenges ahead.

7:05 PM, Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Ivan D SouzaMangalore: Lawyer Ivan D’Souza (DKCC vice-president), now appointed as KPCC secretaries after a 12 years gap in KPCC reforms, stressed on the need to bridge all differences between KPCC and DKCC to unitedly challenge and defeat the ruling corrupt BJP govt. He was talking to Pressmen on Thursday at DKCC office.
He added that the changes made in KPCC and DKCC after 1999-2000 had spurred the Congress Party to go ahead with a new spirit. He hoped that Congress would regain its popularity in its old bastion of Karnataka and trounce the communal BJP in forthcoming elections.
APMC elections were due on April 24 and DKCC would conduct a house-to-house campaign to secure people’s support for the Congress backed candidates in this election. The ruling party having proved itself as anti-farmer one, by its actions had no mortal right to take part in APMC contest, D’Souza argued.
He cited several local senior Congress leaders’ support given to him in his appointment as KPCC secretary.

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