Janardhana Poojary in Bangalore challenges CM

6:40 PM, Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

B Janardhana PoojaryBangalore: If the BJP candidates win all 3 by-polls in Jagalur, Bangarpet and Channapatna, I shall retire form politics, said B. Janardhana Poojary in Bangalore today, throwing a challenge to CM Yeddyurappa, when Poojary himself is regarded as a spent force these days. Poojary arrived today in the capital announced, and quickly took on CM in a press meet, calling upon him to resign if BJP loses even one by-poll out of three scheduled on April 9.
But BJP leaders are unlikely to listen to his toothless roar of tiger. He asked CM to file his reply by Thursday, as if CM was waiting for his challenge.
Poojary rightly said that it was due to BJP’s “Operation Lotus” activities that a situation arose to hold 3 by-polls now. Therefore, B. Janardhana Poojary (BJP?) predicted that voters would teach a befitting lesson to the BJP rulers this week in 3 places.
Poojary sarcastically charged Yeddyurappa of not getting down from the CM’s chair, when there were several allegations of corruption against him as CM.
Even the BJP High Command in Delhi does not have the courage to put down Yeddyurappa and bring a new CM, as replacement.
But Yeddyurappa is more powerful as CM than the Delhi BJP High Command, Poojary joked.

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