Johnny Lever, Hindi comedian expresses his love for Tulu and acts in RANG.

3:28 PM, Thursday, December 5th, 2013

johny-leverMangalore : Johnny Lever a prominent Hindi comedian who had acted in a Tulu film in 1979 re-visited Mangalore to do a seen in a new film called Rang now under production with Arjun Kapikad in the main roll and Dikshitha Acharya as the heroin.

Johnny as, his known under a hidden name is Muslim actor from Mumbai who has a group of Tulu friends there and has learned Tulu as a language of his love over the three decades since he came here last in 1979. He did a song picturisation in which he did a comic roll and sent the onlookers in to peels of later.

In a press interview Dec. 4 leaver of effusing as a comedian a clearly told every news month that he did not act in any other Sothern language film except Tulu which he liked most. He even spoke in Tulu during the interview and added that given an opportunity, he would still act in more Tulu films rather than in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil or Telugu, although he came from Andhra .

He gave piece of dialog from Rang the force coming film in which he has Naveen D Padil, Devadas Kapikad and a host of comedy correctors are seen.

The film is jointly directed by Vismaya Vinayak and Suhan, and produced by Devadas Pandeshwar and Pramila Dev. The film is photographed by Sandeep Bhattacharya and unfolds the youthful life of an engineering students and his surroundings

Johnny lever told news persons that he would only comedy rolls till the end comes. Some of the Rang players and those concerned with the film as technicians were present at the press meet.johny-lever

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