Justice Hegde inaugurated 2 days ‘Media Manthan’

10:14 AM, Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Media ManthanMangalore : The Department of Mass Communication of Aloysius College organized two day a seminar ‘Media Manthan’, in association with Deccan Herald at Eric Mathias Hall of St Aloysius College.
Speaking after inaugurating the seminar, Justice Santhosh Hegde said that the year 2010 is said to be the decade of scams. Various scams including the 2 G Scam and others were detected. The media has shown the worst scams in the history of the state.
Media ManthanHe also said that the media acquired the status, when it was recognized as the fourth estate and became powerful. Whenever the institution becomes powerful, the political parties try to get into it and take the advantages from that institution.
It has been noticed that politicians have either purchased or started media, in order to projecting the view of that party and not based on public view. The media must not be instrumental of the state, he said.
The industrialization also started acquired the media and projecting the media. Some media are succumbing to monitor the issue. There are many media or agencies who prepare news that could be sold for a price.
Many media have exposed the shortcomings of various parties at the first stage. These days the media has been very poor, He also said that different media gives different version of news. But all must expose the truth and this is the duty of the media, he said.
Former BBC Producer Adam Clapham and Prof Poornanda, Kuvempu University delivered the seminar on the topic ‘Media, Politics and Manipulations’.
Later the representatives of Media, law and academics discussed about the manipulation by media in reporting and its implications on Citizen’s decision making on the occasion.

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