Kadri Manjunath Temple: Annual Festivals to commence on Jan 15

4:04 PM, Friday, January 14th, 2011

Kadri TempleMangalore: In a press conference called to inform devotees about the ensuing annual Kadri religious festival from Jan. 15 (tomorrow) upto Jan.23; the administrator (appointed by state for grants received by a temple) B.K. Kusumadhar, K.G.S., informed the public through local press representatives that religious ceremonies for the nine-day festival begin tomorrow at dawn. The press  meet was held at the premises of temple.
Kadri TempleOn Jan. 21 at noon, a public feeding of devotees would take place. On Jan. 16, a small car festival is held. A palanquin with divine images will be taken out to Bikarnakatte, Mallikatte, Mundanakatte and Konchady on separate days, after 6pm. Cultural programmes are arranged by Mallika Arts Club of Kadri after 8pm every night. Daily meals are held at the Kadri temple for devotees, the administrator explained.
Kadri TempleThe temple has been extensively renovated over the years and the festival is guided by Swami Raja Sandhyanathji, who is the head of Sri Yogeeshwar Mutt in Kadri Hills, in the line of Navanath Gurus Tradition.
R Madhava, C.E.O., Pradeep K Kalkura, Vice-President of Kadri Kshetra Renovation and Development committee were present.
Corporators D. Ashoka and Roopa D Bangera attended the meet. R.Madhava proposed a vote of thanks.

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