3:45 PM, Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

KalpanaA remake of Tamil film of Lawerence ‘Kanchana’ in Kannada as ‘Kalpana’ by one of the senior most directors of South India Ramnarayan in his 125th film direction lends state of the art technology and stunning moments to the horror lovers of cinema.

The film ‘Kalpana’ has many intriguing moments in the second half. The first half could have been pruned to reduce the length of the film. However for the Kannada audience so much of harsh response of characters is over fed.

It is giving back after death by eunuch. The gory is more in Upendra character. So much of blood and rugged feel could have been reduced. It is not enough hard effort is delivered. It should be soft and appealing. A few of the Kannada films in a clash between Devil and Divine have given a controlled fodder to the audiences.

Raghava (Upendra) a timid youngster is afraid of ‘Ghost’. He sleeps with his mother in the night times because he believes Ghost comes in night times. Such a timid youngster is afflicted by ghost of Kalpana (Saikumar a eunuch). That is because he has applied the cricket stumps exactly at the place where Kalpana was buried.

The ghost of Kalpana on Raghav has some target to finish. That is taking revenge on its mentor Akbar and his son. When the power of ghost is locked and thrown in to a sea. The battle is not yet finished. On the gang of Shobaraj ghost of Kalpana takes revenge one by one. When Shobaraj comes to Sri Narasimha Swamy temple for rescue he feels he is saved. It is not so as the divine power turns supreme.

Upendra is fabulous in his performance. He has so many shades to perform in this film. Navarasas of acting is found in him in ‘Kalpana’. The whirring eyes of Upendra a natural style of him is another boon to his role.

Achuth Kumar, Umasri, Shruthi have emoted very well. Shobaraj as villain has usual role. Saikumar as eunuch is quite OK. Lakshmi Rai repeating the same performance dances in one song and not got a lengthy role to perform.

V Harikrishna has no scope to give melody in this film. There is lot of sound from instruments and even from lyrics of the songs he has scored.

Selvaraj in his camera is splendid. The effect of dark and light he has captured in the camera deserves appreciation for him. The graphical presentation is also in high standards. Ramnarayan is known for this kind of films – God and Ghost battle with human beings. He continues in the same speed and zeal in ‘Kalpana’.

The second half is worth watching!


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