Kannada great Film director B.S Ranga no more

8:50 PM, Monday, December 13th, 2010

B.S Ranga no moreBangalore: He was a Cinematographer, producer and director of films in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu. He died in Chennai, aged 91, suffering from loss of memory in old age.
Bindingenavile Srinvasa Iyengar Ranga was a Kannadiga born in Magadi in 1917. He brought out films with decent taste in his own special way. He owned Vikram studio and productions in Chennai, but shifted from Bengaluru after a few years. His son Vasant is in Bengaluru making serials and films in his studio.
Ranga’s religious film on ‘Markandeya’ was a winner. Soon followed many such hits on devotion and religion. Later in 1960 he switched over to civic subjects as in ‘Suli’ and ‘Kiladi Ranga’. He brought Technicolor to Kannada in “Amara Shilpi Jakanachari’ starring Kalyan Kumar and B. Saroja Devi and this film was a raga among film lovers.
B.S Ranga made several Hindi films too, like “Pyar Kiya too Darna’ Kya?” he had photographed many Hindi films. Ranga won several awards for his excellent and alluring creations, in Telgu, Kannada and Hindi. He directed many Dada Phalke award-winning heroes like Akkineni, Shivaji and N.T.R and MGR. He made Tiger Prabhkar, a Tamil film hero, into a Kannada lead artiste (who married Jayamala). In “Huli yada Kaala”
B.S Ranga is among the versatile capable and consistent makers of good taste films in 4 languages in Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai an Hyderabad and was cameraman for 45 films. May his tribe increase in South India!.

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