Karkala Assembly Constituency poll prospects

6:36 PM, Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Karkala AssemblyKarkala : Karkala assembly constituency has got the distinction of having cheif minister of Karnataka has its candidate who is none other than Veerappa Moily who at present is a petroleum minister at central cabinet. He won the election 6 time in Karkala from Congress party.

Candidate  from Praja socialist Party won the election in 1962 and from Janasangha in 1967. Ever since, it is the Congress party who won almost all the elections to date, barring Sunil Kumar of BJP in 2004. Gopal Bhandary won 2 times  from Congress ticket and at present is a sitting MLA of Karkala. In the forth coming election, Gopal Bhandary is against a formidable opponent Sunil Kumar from BJP. In spite of infighting in BJP and quitting of Yedyurappa,  Sunil Kumar kept his popularity almost intact and can pose serious threat to Gopal Bhandary. Sunil Kumar is young and dynamic BJP leader who is having clean image as a politician. The recent snap poll shows that there is a close fight between Gopal Bhandary and Sunil Kumar for the Karkala assembly seat.  The other candidate Walter D’Souza of JD(S) Prveen Poojary of KJP, Sunil Sons of BSP will poll marginal votes and will not effect the poll prospects of either Gopal Bhandary or Sunil Kumar.  


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