Karnataka Christian Union Association condemned recent attacks on orphanages

5:20 PM, Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Mangalore: The Karnataka Christian Union Association organized a press meet condemning the attacks on Christian orphanage by the Bajaranga Dal in recent issue at Hotel Woodland on April 9, Saturday.
Speaking at the press meet, , social worker said that the Christian institution is equipped with full facilities to give importance to education and health to the poor students but the Hindu outfits are jealous of this and are trying to change the situation as conversion.
Speaking on attack took place on Lancelot Pinto’s orphanage, she said that it is the mistake of the higher authority to issue the notice for the registration of the orphanage but they did not do their work and in turn blame him to run illegal orphanage.
Vasudev Boloor, president of Ahinda, Suresh Shetty, social service, Melville Pinto, president of JPUCL, Krishnananda D, district convener of Karanataka Dalitha Sangharsh Samithi, Sunil Kumar Bajal, CITU district secretary, Krishnappa Salian, district leader of Karnataka Regional Farmers Association, Nizil Periera, vice president of Catholic Sabha, Mangalore region, Denis D’Silva, state convener of Karnataka Christian Association’s International Union and SP Anand, district convener of Dalita Sangharsha Committee were present at the press meet.

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