KCCI Submits a memorandum to regional AAI director on Mangalore Airport

12:54 PM, Monday, August 22nd, 2011

KCCIMangalore: Airports sector requires an investment of 20 billion us dollars if it is to grow over next decade(2011-21).
Speaking on planned works for Mangalore (Kenjaru) airport, regional executive director(Southern), D. Devaraj of Airport Authority of India, in a national conference an ‘Indian aviation and tourism’ as the theme, (he) told the gathering on Sunday that Mangalore runway was of 8,100 feet now, but needed an extension up to 10,000 feet, to accommodate huge(Boeing) aircrafts to land and take off on international status.
The domestic cargo transport may begin its work in December 2011. Other things are in pipeline. A parallel taxi track is likely to come up with a proposal submitted for Rs 80 crore. As 97 percent foreign tourists come by sir into India, world Travel sources indicate that local tourism sector would generate US. 43billion dollars by next 6 years.
Mangalore being an educational hub, with a long history of importance, can attract tourists as in Goa, to see shrines, beaches, historic monuments and so on. Medical tourism is possible with 3000 doctors in the district and all kinds of treatment facilities(Western and Indian modes) being available Devaraj informed.
KCCI Chairperson Latha R.Kini submitted a memo to director Devaraj to upgrade Mangalore airport, open the Cargo complex in October next, and name the airport after U.S.Mallya. The airport has 8.5 lakhs passengers, and made a profit of Rs10crores, said M.R.Vasudeva Rao in a speech. Abhaychandra Jain, MLA, presided.

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