Kerala rains: Cheerapara, once a tourist’s delight, now a nightmare

9:52 AM, Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

chennaiCheerapara, Idukki: Cheerapara in Idukki district of Kerala has been famous for its waterfalls. The road which winds through this region usually can be found bustling with small shops and tourists but these days it’s a sad tale of destruction after the massive landslide and 14 lives lost.

Nearly 60 men in uniform have been working their way down into a deep gorge in this region to rescue possible survivors and recover bodies. 150 men in all have been skillfully aiding in overall relief and rescue operations in Cheerapara. No survivors have been found till now and with the passing hours, chances only seem bleak.

Overseeing his men work in this rough terrain, Colonel Dushyant Jolly, the officer leading the army team says, “We’ve been told that almost 10-15 cars toppled into this gorge and when the landslide hit this area, almost 30 tourists were present here. So far we have recovered only six bodies. We are also carrying relief materials such rations etc in case we come across any villages in need of essential supplies.”

The Army has been using their heavy machinery to pull out vehicles from the rubble in search of survivors and bodies.

In Kerala, an additional force of almost 350 men have been deployed to speed up relief and rescue operations. Apart from landslides, people affected by floods are also being evacuated in central Kerala by the Navy, Army and National Disaster Relief Force teams. 

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