Killing of Indian soldiers: US says Indo-Pak dialogue better than UN intervention

12:15 PM, Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Killing of Indian soldiersWashington : Concerned at the increasing tension between India and Pakistan over the brutal killing of two Indian soldiers near the Line of Control, the US has instructed its envoys in New Delhi and Islamabad to work with the two governments to de-escalate the situation. But, the US State Department said there was no need for third party mediation and urged India and Pakistan to talk to each other and resolve the crisis.

“Our view is that India and Pakistan have made pretty good progress in recent years in working through a number of difficult issues, including opening of the trade relations, et cetera, that they are now engaged at a high level on these recent incidents. If they can work it out themselves, that’s obviously best,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters.

Ms Nuland said that “If both parties were interested in support from the UN, et cetera, we’d obviously support that as well. But at the moment, we’re urging them to talk to each other.”

Pakistan’s envoy to India Salman Bashir had  yesterday that Islamabad is ready for a UN probe into India’s charges that troops from the Pakistan army had killed the two Indian soldiers near the Line of Control on Tuesday and mutilated their bodies. Salman Bashir also added that a preliminary probe by his country has ruled out that Pakistani troops intruded into the Indian side.
“We have said that we are prepared to ask United Nations Military Observers group to come in and to inquire. I think that part has been made. We are open to UN investigation into this,” Mr Bashir said.
The UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan has said that no official complaint has been received either from the Pakistan army or the Indian army on the incident.
The group has said that the UN is aware that the Indian army and the Pakistan army are in contact to resolve the issue. It has urged both sides to respect the ceasefire and de-escalate tensions through the process of dialogue.

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