KMC Hospital launch first OPD for Sports Injuries treatment

4:09 PM, Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

kmc-sportsMangalouru : KMC Hospital, Mangalore has recently inaugurated the Centre of Excellence (CoE) to provide complete and comprehensive care for any sports-related injuries. Dr Yogeesh Kamat, Consultant – Sports Injury, Orthopaedics, Hip & Knee Specialist Surgeon – KMC Hospital, Mangalore, who has been providing care and treatment for all the sports-related injuries, will be spearheading this department.

The hospital has treated national-level athletes like Mr. Chelsea Medappa (member of Indian Hockey team), Mr. Nithesh Kumar, Ms. Anwitha Alva, Mr. Ankush Bhandary (Muay Thai), Mr. Rahul B M (Badminton), Mr. Karthik U, Mr. Rohan D Kumar, Mr. Shravan (Athletics), Mr. Yajnesh Rao (Football) Mr. Arun Kumar (Kabaddi) and Mrs. Mythili Pai (Fitness Trainer). The hospital will be providing an exclusive Sports Injuries OPD, Monday to Thursday, 9.30 to 11.00 AM, every week. The assessment will include a comprehensive evaluation of all injuries and advice on intervention, if required, as well as rehabilitation.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Yogeesh Kamat, said, “We have been treating and have provided treatment to a number of sports people and I am very happy to be launching a dedicated Sports Injuries OPD. Knee injuries are the most common of all sports-related joint problems, comprising 15% or one-sixth of all injuries. ACL ligament injury is another very common affliction of the knee requiring surgery. About 60% of knee injuries come with simultaneous cartilage injuries, and 80% of these do not get recognized due to poor quality MRI and consequent errors in reporting. In such cases, getting proper treatment and guidance becomes very crucial. If not addressed properly, it can become a major concern to the athlete. Post-operative care is the most important phase in the recovery process.”

Adding to this, he said, “With quality surgery and appropriate quick rehabilitation, return to even professional sports is possible. Modern techniques allow for the repair and restoration of the affected part so that a fully normal status of the knee can be achieved. The state-of-the-art techniques can also be used with newer implants to suit the affordability of the patient using Arthroscopy techniques. Our centre is the first such in India to be recognized by ICRS (International Cartilage Regeneration Society). Cartilage work requires a good interaction between different specialists, and imaging technique development like Cartilage Sequence in MRI and Cell Therapy techniques.”

Mr. Saghir Siddiqui, Regional Chief Operating Officer, KMC Hospital, Mangalore, said, “About 75% of all injuries can be treated and reversed fast with good initial rehabilitation. We are proud to be the only such internationally-recognized centre in the region. Our centre is making a mark not only with innovative techniques of early post-injury rehabilitation but also in the development of an indigenous device to detect subtle walking abnormalities and in the restoration of balancing abilities (proprioception) that are instrumental in the prevention of re-injuries. The percentage of our treated patients returning to their pre-injury activity is 90- 95% over the years. We have had quite a few professional sportsmen taking part in national-level athletics, contact sports like hockey and football and international-level martial arts.”

The Sports Injuries OPD team includes Dr. Yogeesh Kamat (Lower Limb- Hip, Knee) – Consultant Lead, Dr. Nabeel Mohammed – Associate Orthopaedic Surgeon, and Dr. Bishwaranjan Das – Extended Scope Practitioner – Rehabilitation. For appointments, reach out on 9945434673.

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