KMF ‘Nandini’ milk to be dearer by Rs 3 a litre

2:43 PM, Saturday, September 10th, 2011

nandini milkBangalore: A litre of KMF Dairy milk costs Rs27 these days, here, but KMF is not happy. It wants Rs 3 more, to round it off, forcing people to own cows and goats, if not she-buffaloes in a housing colony in Karnataka cities.
Milk is a daily need and people pay Rs. 8 for a cup of tea or coffee and Rs.10 for a tumbler full of hot milk, in Nandini stales or case. Beware!
The Karnataka Milk Federation headed by a Bellary Reddy, wants to ride on the back of people as if they are rural buffaloes.Reason? Milk prices are going up all over the country.
Cattle food and pastures are costlier. Neighboring states are selling milk at Rs.30 a litre. Private agencies are no better in milk rates either.
KMF wants a rate not less than Rs 25, as energy and power tariffs have gone up. In coastal region, the ruling rate is Rs 22 a litre, but Nandini milk sellers want more, and the BJP Govt. may harken to KMF pleas, to raise milk prices soon.

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