Komu Souhardha Vedike opposes Cow Slaughter Bill

8:10 PM, Monday, March 19th, 2012
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Komu Saouhardha vedikeMangalore : The members of Komu Souhardha Vedike staged a protest in front of DC Office on March 19, Monday against the proposed Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill-2010.

Addressing the protestors, Suresh Bhat Bakrabail member of Vedike said that the members of RSS,  VHP, Bhajarangdal, Sri Ram Sene and other Hindu outfits who shout the slogans for the protection of cow is just for their publicity and get sympathy to create religious feelings among the Hindu’s.

He also said that in village even to the present day the farmers who have cattle are selling the cow to the slaughter house when they turn old and become useless in their work. This move by the farmers will help them to get some money to incur the loss while selling it.

The Hindu outfits shouting slogans in public places will provide two benefits for them like publicity and money which they gain as the mediator in the trafficking and this is their hidden agenda, he said.

The RSS is making issue in the name of illegal cow trafficking and in this issue, the police are also making money in this issue, he added.

According the proposed bill the farmers must not sell their cow but must leave them in the Go ashram when they are old, he said.

G Rajashekar , Denis D’Silva, P B D’sa and others were present.


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