Koppal JD-S MLA resigns

9:31 PM, Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Karadi SangannaBangalore: The political game of one-upmanship is revived after a lull. Koppal MLA Karadi Sanganna of JD-S has resigned his seat, confirming the fact that BJP was out to fun and buy other party MLAs into BJP. 3 JD-S MLAs will join BJP today after leaving their posts. The other two are Subhsh Guthedar from Aland in Gulberga, and Venkatrao Nadagouda of Sindhanoor. Karadi met speaker Bopaiah at noon today to put in his papers.
The 3 MLAs had recently made announcement that they were withdrawing from JD-S/Congress.
Speaker K.G.Bopaiah has reported to CEC in Delhi about 19 constituencies where re-elections have to be arranged. 11 BJP, 5 independent, 2 Congress and 1 JD-S make up this tally of 19. BJP is continuing its ‘Operation Lotus’ plan to weaken opposition.
But BJP state unit Chairman K.S.Eshwarappa has pretended before TV cameras that he knew nothing. He cleverly evaded the issue by feigning before reporters who asked questions inconvenient to him, about change of party by MLAs.

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