Korean kite fliers fascinated with Team Mangalore kites

11:35 AM, Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Team Mangalore Kite Mangalore : For the second time, Team Mangalore participated in the International Kite Festival held at Uiseong in South Korea from April 11 – 16. The event was sponsored by local government and the Korean Kite Fliers Association.

Over 160 kite fliers from 25 countries took part in the event. Team Mangalore, comprising Subhash Pai, Giridhar Kamath, Janardhan Rao, and Vasanth Kumar Sanil, presented some of their best kites at the event.

Team Mangalore Kite The Korean people appreciated the kites made by Team Mangalorean such as Durga, Yakshagana, Kathakali, Owl, Gajaraja, Pushpaka Vimana, and others.

Apart from it, they also conducted workshops for children and demonstrated to make Indian fighter kites. The candy drop arranged by Team Mangalore by attaching dolls to the kites attracted huge audiences.

Team Mangalore Kite Team Mangalore has participated in a number of international kite events held in places all over the globe such as Shri Lanka, Korea, France, UK, Canada, Thailand, Dubai, and others.

Presently, they are getting prepared to participate in the Artevento International Kite Festival held in Cervia, Italy.

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