KPRS holds ‘pressure’ meet to regularize housing sites.

7:23 PM, Monday, October 25th, 2010

Karnataka Pranta Raita SanghaMangalore: A public rally addressed by Karnataka Pranta Raita Sangha leaders of DK, K.R Shriyan and K. Yadava Shetty, regarding regularizing housing schemes and sites, besides ownership rights of those who do not have either land or housing sites was held at the DCO gates this morning (Oct.25). A petition was submitted to the Tahsildar, Mangalore taluk, to regularize the illegal occupations of land / sites occupied by the landless agriculturists early.

Karnataka Pranta Raita Sangha
Speaking on the occasion, Shriyan told the gathering that several landless farmers who occupied sites for housing and lands for farming purposes, wanted to regularize these activities in the eyes of law. The landless are doing cultivation on govt lands, and living on the govt sites, and have given applications to regularize such stay and housing / cultivation of lands, on form no.50 and 53. These need to be accepted and duly regularized by the authorities.

Karnataka Pranta Raita Sangha
Those applications not yet approved, have to be looked into, and reminders were made from time to time to the govt.
New applications also have been submitted to legalize recent occupations. Separate requests from the applicants have been also sent to the govt for due approval, Shriyan indicated at the rally.

Karnataka Pranta Raita Sangha
Several leaders of KPRS were present. Vasudeva Uchila, and Nonaiah Gowda along with Sanjeeva Philar led the procession. Krishnappa Salian was present in the rally.

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