KSRTC bus driver, conductor negligence, passengers dies of cardiac arrest

9:01 PM, Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Cardiac ArrestBeltangady : After the neglect of KSRTC bus driver, conductor a man who was travelling by a bus died allegedly they failed to rush him to hospital.

It is said, the deceased person had come to visit his daughter in a hostel who studying in SDM College, Ujire here.

The man resident of Haryana after visiting his daughter was going back by KSRTC bus when the tragic incident took place.

The man developed chest pain all of a sudden in the bus. However, instead of taking him to hospital or calling for an ambulance, he was made to get down and sit in the bus stand at Ujire. The bus left after leaving him in that condition. The person died there itself.

If the passengers, driver and conductor of the bus had taken him to a nearby hospital probably the person would have been saved, say locals.

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