Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is the richest in Karnataka?

9:23 PM, Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Mangalore : It may surprise people at large, and point out to Dharmasthala, Kateelu, Mangaladevi, Hattiangadi, Kadri, Bappanadu, Udupi Krishna, Vitla Anantheshwara and  ever so many other temples but the Kukke Serpent God Sree Subrahmanya has emerged as the richest, with a temple in western Ghat (hills) area near Puttur. A big Ratha Yatra takes place every year in Kukke around November or early December as Shasti Festival. The gods are not affected by inflation, as Kukke is surrounded by areca? Coconut palm plantations and rice fields. In the order of material richness, Kateelu and Kadri come after Kukke, all having a large K in them, a sign for thousands. Between 2007-09, Kukke had Rs 92 crores in hundis / sevas, Kateelu a distant Rs. 22 crores and poor Kadri had only Rs. 6 crores. Kukke has risen from Rs. 24 cores to Rs. 92 crores  in 3 years, in Sullya taluk with nature’s bounty and people’s faith Sachin Tendulkar is one of the lakhs of Kukke devotees.

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