Kumta Vishweshwar Bhat in Kannada Prabha

5:18 PM, Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Vishveshwara-BhatBangalore: Kumta Vishweshwar Bhat, former editor of the 7 lakh selling Vijaya Karnataka in Times of India Group, has joined as Editor-in-chief of ‘Kannada Prabha’ which ranks 4th in the state among regional language newspapers after Udayavani and Prajavani.
The New Indian Express CMD Manoj Santhalia, owns the English Kannada dailies, and he has taken Bhat into his fold and introduced him to the Kannada daily staff members and the management. Bhat has started to work on Monday evening.
Bhat called it a home-coming as he was a sub-editor of KP decades back for 4years, and later worked for Asian School of Journalism launched by the Express Group for another four years.
Vijaya Karnataka now owned by the vicious minded Times of India Group, is poorer by the exit of writers like Pratap Simha (columnist), P.Yhagaraja (commentator) and Radhakrishna Badthi (Lavalvike editor) who join Bhat.
KV Bhat left VK a few months ago to pursue higher studies but was picked up by Indian Express/Kannada edition, Kannada Prabha, to brighten their readers.

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