Late Lateefs-DKCC leaders, on Sindgi Pak Flag hoisting case, protest

6:10 PM, Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Congress-ProtestMangalore: Better late than never is DKCC policy, as local Congressmen woke up on Friday(January 20) realizing that a Pak Flag made at home by some mischievous Hindu Sena boys was hoisted at Tahsildar’s office in Sindgi Taluk on New year in north Karnataka border(Bijapur) district 2 weeks ago, and burnt publicly later, also that 7 persons were caught by local police after a relentless search, and obtained a detailed information on their foolish adventure.

The Congressmen attacked BJP and Hindutva activists for the despicable, anti-national act, planned carefully to subdue Muslims n the region. They alleged that both Government and the police colluded to cover up the shameful case.

The agitated persons, in a rally at DCO gates, wanted a probe to unmask the roots of the Pak flag case. They accused Sangh Parivar for its master Plan to portray Muslims s traitors.

Mulky MLA Abhay Chandra was concerned with state home minister’s rather dangerous silence to hush upthe lapse. Ramanath Rai wanted quick action against the anti-Social elements I Sindgi KPCC Secretary Ivan Dd’Souza accused the police of not finding the masterminds of the mischief.

MLA U.T. Khader joined the protestors.

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