Launching of Three new Schemes by Corporation Bank

3:29 PM, Friday, March 1st, 2013

 Corporation Bank  Mangalore : Buoyed by the Runaway  Success in Banking Initiative in resent times, Corporation Bank Launched Three New Schemes on March First 2013 in loans and Capital Management Sector. Elaborating the new   Initiative, Shree Ajay Kumar. M.D. hoped that the new Schemes will be runaway Success like some of the older Schemes of the bank which kept in mind specially the customers.

 Corporation Bank  1. The Bumper Car Festival Scheme is the Limited period offer of fifteen days Validity in which bank will charge only 10.4% interest p/a for the new car buyers .(for the period of seven years ) from March 1, 2013 to March 15, 2013. The processing charges are fully waived under the scheme.

2. Current Account premium variant namely corp privilege and corp club with number of ad-on freebies. This is meant for current account holders.

 Corporation Bank  3. Special current account for exporters and importers called corp global current account is the third scheme which will benefit exporters and importers.

Shree Ajay Kumar Chairman and M.D. Corporation Bank Personally took Initiative to Explain the benefits of the schemes to the Scribes. Dr. P. Abraham Kuraian, DGM Corporation Bank Issued the Press Release.   

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