Lokayukta police raided to the PWD department in Mangalore

3:07 PM, Thursday, March 20th, 2014

PWD departmentMangalore : Umesh G Shet Deputy Superintendent of Lokayukta police raided to the PWD (public works department) in the city on Wednesday March 19.

The raid conducted according to a complaint lodged at Lokayukta office related to the construction of the Bangalore-Jalsur state highway 85 that passes through Sullia taluk.

The Sharif Construction, Mangalore was accepted tender on October 5, 2012, and the work started on November 15, 2012,the estimated amount for the construction was Rs 22.05 crore. The road up to 5.5 meters widening and 33.28 km construction. The roads have not been constructed or no widened yet.

Lokayukta police filed a case against supervisor Ratnakar, Tammayya Gowda, assistant engineer from Mangalore PWD, and Gopal Nayak, executive engineer, Mangalore.

Investigation is on.

PWD department


PWD department

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