Lokayukta will stay put in Mangalore

4:27 PM, Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Santhosh Hegde blames govtMangalore: The Lokayukta who is also a member of Jan Lokpal Committee in Delhi to draft a new strong bill against corrupt politicians, has attacked the state govt., on Wednesday here, for allegedly diverting the funds earmarked for the construction of a Lokayukta office in Mangalore, but decided to continue functioning form an old dilapidated building inside DCO compound (at the DC office).
Justice N Santhosh Hegde did not mince words but hit out against the rotten, corrupt BJP govt., that was functioning in Bangalore with a hateful attitude of neglect towards Lokayukta institution as a whole. He accused the BJP govt. of feeling bankrupt, when building a small “little office” could not be thought by it. He said he would stay on here till August (when he retires from the office) and if the building collapsed the concerned authorities would be held responsible.
Justice Hegde criticised and ridiculed the CM for splashing 50-80 feet BDA sites, and later dazzling the World Cup cricketers with a Rs.25 lakh wealth each (for 16 persons) but not having funds for a small office for Lokayukta in the DCO premises. He castigated the engineers for their ridiculous excuses made to ensure that Lokayukta office did not come up in Mangalore.
Justice Hedge confirmed that having a Lokayukta police office in the DCO compound had its own value. People, who suffered due to administrative lapses, had easy access to approach LAO and give their complaint, he explained.
But the local officers wanted the LAO to be far away in Mangalore and not in DCO compound. But the location of LAO was very important to us, he stated. The city MLA informed Lokayukta recently that funds to be used even in Urwa Store building were transferred to Moodabidri for a court building. The state definitely has funds, but not the will to construct an office for Lokayukta in Mangalore, but Justice Hegde declared that he would stay and function from here. The media was urged to highlight this issue by him, may he continue!

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