Lovebird Nithyananda faces criminal chargesheets

8:55 PM, Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

NithyanandaBangalore: Modern lovebird and a fake monk, who said once he was not a man to have sex with women followers and notoriously named Swami (against its meaning of being controlled), Nityananda of Bidadi near Bangalore, is facing a criminal chargesheet along with his collaborators, from CID police who have submitted the charge sheet to the concerned authorities in the govt.
One of these charges could easily be the breaking of public peace, law and order, while  calling himself as sexless person.
Nithyananda’s criminal group includes (all Nityas) Bhaktananda, Sachidananda, Sadananda, Ma Sachidananda have a 430 page chargesheets of CID against them to chew on.
Nithyananda alias Rajashekhara (32) will face charges of the police against him, about fraud, sexual actions, atrocities, unnatural sex deeds, threats, conspiracy and false propaganda cases. 101 local and foreign witnesses have been examined with over 60 documents seized to pin him down.

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