Major accident averted near Ujjodi

1:00 PM, Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Gas TankerMangalore: An oil tanker moving from Mangalore to Thokkottu had developed mechanical problems as it reached Ujjodi, and smoke with fire(in flames) started emanating and erupting out of the vehicle.

But instead of going to a garage for help, the negligent driver took his vehicle to a petrol bunk and left it there.

A major tragedy was averted at the place by the presence of mind of the bunker workers. The driver told them that the tyre of his vehicle had caught fire, and he was reversing it to park inside the petrol storage station.

Gas TankerThe staff realising the danger posed by flames, stopped the driver, and rushed with water hosepipes to the vehicle, to put out the flames, to avoid any explosion of the petrol bunk it self, if neglected at that stage.

After much effort, the bunker boys succeeded in dousing the fire, and thus averting a possible mishap unknown to the driver. The tanker was released later, to go on its way.

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